Nightmare Fuel! Agents of Dreamland by Caitlín R. Kiernan…Make It Your Next Read…

One of the great writers of our time…

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“Agents of Dreamland is a new Lovecraftian horror novella from award-winning author Caitlín R. Kiernan…

In this new novella, a government special agent known only as the Signalman gets off a train on a stunningly hot morning in Winslow, Arizona. Later that day he meets a woman in a diner to exchange information about an event that happened a week earlier for which neither has an explanation, but which haunts the Signalman.

In a ranch house near the shore of the Salton Sea a cult leader gathers up the weak and susceptible ― the Children of the Next Level ― and offers them something to believe in and a chance for transcendence. The future is coming and they will help to usher it in.

A day after the events at the ranch house which disturbed the Signalman so deeply that he and his government sought out help from ‘other’ sources…

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Great Pyramid Gives Up Its Secret: Researchers Discover New Hidden ‘Chamber’…


“Pyramid Town” by “xyk” @deviantart.

The colossal pyramids of Egypt are a universal symbol of genius and creativity. The evidence that humankind can make the impossible possible. The Great Pyramid of Giza—the largest of three primary structures in Giza, Egypt—was first opened up in the Middle Ages by Calif Al-Mamun, whose team found most of the major internal chambers we are familiar with today.

More than 4,500 years after their construction, however, the pyramids of Giza continue to reveal deep and ancient secrets. Recently, a team of over three dozen researchers announced it had discovered a large, hitherto unknown cavernous space it is calling the “void” deep within in the Great Pyramid.

What’s more, the team used “cosmic rays” from deep space to see through the pyramid’s millions of tons of rock to discover the void and estimate its size. The team has so far determined the void is roughly 100 feet long — about the length of two semitrailers — and sits almost directly above the Grand Gallery, a towering passage that leads to Khufu’s tomb.


“- Researchers spent two years studying the Great Pyramid of Giza using muons — high-speed particles created by cosmic rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere.
– Muons can penetrate deep into rock and reveal hidden voids and chambers to particle detectors.
– Using muons, physicists have detected an at least 100-foot-long void above the Grand Gallery leading to Pharaoh Khufu’s tomb.
– No one knows what the void is, but at least one archaeologist thinks it’s not a room or chamber.”

“This void was hidden in the construction of the pyramid,” Mehdi Tayoubi, a leader of the research effort, called ScanPyramids, told reporters on Wednesday. “It is not accessible, and we needed this new technique, at the right time, to identify it and to discover it.”

The research group published its findings Thursday in the journal, Nature.

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Have You Heard Bigfoot Yet? Listen to These Recordings of Sasquatch Making Odd Human-Animal Noises … Keep the Lights On…

“We decided to record the sounds on CD and cassette [and digitally] to make them available to people. We do believe these creatures are trying to communicate with us, though. As we speak we are having the linguistics people look into it; they are very encouraged. What they’re saying so far is that humans cannot mimic these sounds, that the range supersedes what humans can do. The tapes were shown by a previous study at the University of Wyoming to be spontaneous and no signs of being re-recorded, or pre-recorded at altered speeds; so the idea of a hoax is highly improbable as far as professionals are considered at this time.”

— Ron Morehead, Bigfoot, a Netflix Documentary (1997)

Here Ron Morehead’s original Bigfoot vocalizations—the most bizarre thing ever recorded:

Here’s how Morehead captured the sounds on tape:

The Recordings of the “Bigfoot Language” Are Actually Pretty Frightening

Is that an ape? Wait; that sounds almost human! Indeed. And both are what you hear in the hoots and growls and whines and snarls of what Ron Morehead calls “Bigfoot Language—a series of tape recorded noises Morehead recorded while living in a remote area of Northern California’s Sierra mountains during the early 1970s. But, are they real? I have put together this post so you can check out the facts and decide for yourself.

“The sounds, vocalizations, that include whistling, have been professionally analyzed and it is the belief of the scientists who did the analysis that they are not man-made. Regardless of the findings, which incidentally have never been disproved. I am satisfied and will personally vouch for the integrity of both my associates, Alan Berry and Ron Morehead, in the matter of these recordings. Indeed I look forward to working with them again, in the Bigfoot field, in the future.”

— Peter Byrne, Director, The Bigfoot Research Project


To this day, there is still a debate over the authenticity of the tape recordings; however, many audio and human and animal linguistics specialists admit to the recordings’ uncannily realistic nature.

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Check Out These Awesome UFO Footage Videos Taken by the Space Shuttle and an OK News Station!

I Think They Want Our Lightning, Batman!

“The term unidentified flying object, better known by the acronym UFO, refers to the observation of a flying object, real or apparent, that cannot be identified by the observer and whose origin remains unknown after an investigation.

Despite the fact that the above explanation clearly defines the term as best as possible, many people have rushed forward to connect the term UFO with Alien/Extraterrestrial.

However, despite the fact that the UFO phenomena may in fact be real, it does not necessarily mean it’s our cosmic neighbors who are ‘riding’ the unidentified flying objects we are seeing.

Having that said, it also does not mean it’s not them.


Anyway, as good children of the modern age and maybe due to the fact that we live in a hyper-modern era, we constantly seek logical and reasonable explanation to everything that happens around us, which we cannot logically explain at first.

When someone says: “hey I saw a flying saucer,” most people answer with skepticism. And rightfully I might add.

This ‘reasonable’ skepticism is the result of the numerous false reports of UFOs, alien crafts, and hoaxes that have been popularized throughout the last couple of years on the internet. ”

Click here to watch two UFOs caught approaching clouds during an Oklahoma thunderstorm (Source: OK weather channel):

“Apparently, there are many who see an alien UFO in everything in the sky they cannot explain.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

In order for the UFO phenomena to be brought back to the spotlight and studied with ‘scientific reasoning,’ we must first establish a difference between real UFO’s, and things that can be rationally explained.

But that’s difficult.

Why? Simply because today’s society has access to tools that can literally create a UFO out of nowhere.

Whether it’s through the use of photoshop, or video manipulation, creating a UFO has become something rather easy. This fact drastically affects serious Ufology which has been swarmed with fake UFO stories, which in turn causes many people to doubt and believe in UFO’s, despite the fact that they may be real, and not from Earth.

Having that said—and it’s just my humble opinion—I present you here with a couple of videos (I only intended to post one video, but then I saw this NASA video) which have taken the online world by surprise.

Why? They were filmed during live tv shows, and/or by NASA cameras.

Live TV shows and NASA cameras don’t lie, right?

My point here is that society in today’s age must not take the UFO phenomena so lightly.

We must learn to discern what is right and what’s not in Ufology, in order to place this ‘unaccepted science’ on a stable foundation that will eventually tackle the UFO question without fear.

What do you make of the videos and what do you think about Ufology? Should real–professional–Ufologists fight back against fake UFO images and Videos? What can we do collectively as a society in order to bring back Ufology from the depths of fake videos and fake reports? ”

– Ancient Code @

Were Two of Louis Le Breton’s Demons the Inspiration for 20th-Century Sightings of “The Owlman”?

The Sanguine Woods

image (2)image (1)Stolas (top), a demon associated with astronomy and poisonous plants. The demon Andras (bottom) had the head of an owl and an angel-like body. Art by Louis Le Breton from his Infernal Dictionary (Public Domain).

Click here to read more about Breton’s Demons…

A tarot deck has also been created using Breton’s artwork.osborne-the-daemon-tarot-sterlingClick here to read about The Demon Tarot…

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When Your “Natal Sun” Is in the “8th House” …


Natal-Sun-in-the-8th-House (1)I was born at 2:48 PM, which puts my Sun in what is called the “8th house”.*

People who were born with their natal Sun in the “8th house” (this is based on exact time of birth in hours and minutes) are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex, and the occult. No matter what their Sun sign is (mine is Aquarius), they become quite Scorpionic in their character, have deep desires and a very strong will. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth.

This Sun placement creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death. Such individuals are very interested in discovering the meanings of life, constantly seeking for answers on whether death is the final destination or whether we continue on towards somewhere else. These interests make them attracted to the occult, and they can…

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