Roswell Aliens & Element 115—A New Synthesized ET Element on Our Periodic Table!

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Roswell Aliens & Element 115—A New Synthesized ET Element on Our Periodic Table!

Well, it’s not New like yesterday. I’d read about Element 115 as part of the US Govt. “slur campaign” against Area 51 reverse engineering specialist/contractor Bob Lazar, who went public in the 1990s about the whole thing and was threatened and the victim of the US Govt.’s reputation slandering campaign to discredit Lazar’s evidence.

This episode (Link 1) of AA is amazing.

Wow this was maybe one of the best AA shows I’ve seen. The equation for this new Element on the Periodic table was dreamt and then written in a sleep/dream state backwards by a dyslexic Colorado man, Stan Romanek. If you know his life story (you really should), he’s been pursued by Black helicopters his whole life, beaten up by men from our own govt, threatened to stop sharing his evidence of alien abduction and…

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“Green Town, Somewhere on Mars; Mars, Somewhere in Egypt”, An Introduction to The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Artwork: above-left: cover illustration by Tim O’Brien; above-right: “Ray Bradbury” by Pixar artist Lou Romano.

“Don’t tell me what I’m doing; I don’t want to know!”

Those are not my words. They were spoken by my friend, the Italian film director, Federico Fellini. As he shot his screenplays scene by scene, he refused seeing the new footage trapped in the camera and printed in the laboratory at the end of each day. He wanted his scenes to remain mysterious provocateurs to lure him on.

So it has been with my stories, plays, and poems over most of my lifetime. So it was with The Martian Chronicles in the years just before my marriage in 1947, culminating in the rapid surprises of the final work in the summer of 1949. What began as an occasional story or “aside” concerning the Red Planet became a pomegranate explosion in July and August of that year when I jumped to my typewriter each morning to find what rare new thing my Muse was willing to deliver.

Did I have such a Muse? And did I always believe in that mythical beast? No. Early on, in and out of high school, and standing on a street corner selling newspapers, I did what most writers do at their beginnings: emulated my elders, imitated my peers, thus turning away from any possibility of discovering truths beneath my skin and behind my eyes.

Even though I wrote a series of very good weird/ fantasy stories which were published in my midtwenties, I learned nothing from them. I refused to see that I was disturbing a lot of good stuff in my head and trapping it on paper. My peculiar stories were vivid and real. My future tales were lifeless robots, mechanical and motionless.

It was Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio that set me free. Sometime in my twentieth-fourth year, I was stunned by its dozen characters living their lives on half-lit porches and in sunless attics of that always autumn town. “Oh, Lord,” I cried. “If I could write a book half as fine as this, but set it on Mars, how incredible that would be!”

I scribbled down a list of possible sites and folks on that distant world, imagined titles, started and stopped a dozen tales, then filed it away and forgot it. Or imagined that I had forgotten it.


Art by Tim O’Brien for The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.

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Bradbury Stories, 100 of Ray Bradbury’s Most Celebrated Tales, 2003, TOC

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Table of Contents

xi • Introduction (Bradbury Stories) • (2003) • essay by Ray Bradbury
1 • The Whole Town’s Sleeping • [Dandelion Wine] • (1950) • short story by Ray Bradbury
16 • The Rocket • (1950) • short story by Ray Bradbury
25 • Season of Disbelief • [Dandelion Wine] • (1950) • short story by Ray Bradbury
33 • And the Rock Cried Out • (1953) • short story by Ray Bradbury
54 • The Drummer Boy of Shiloh • (1960) • short story by Ray Bradbury
59 • The Beggar on O’Connell Bridge • [The Irish Stories] • (1961) • short story by Ray Bradbury
73 • The Flying Machine • (1953) • short story by Ray Bradbury
78 • Heavy-Set • (1964) • short story by Ray Bradbury
86 • The First Night of Lent • [The Irish Stories] • (1956) • short story by…

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Nightmare Fuel! Agents of Dreamland by Caitlín R. Kiernan…Make It Your Next Read…

One of the great writers of our time…

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“Agents of Dreamland is a new Lovecraftian horror novella from award-winning author Caitlín R. Kiernan…

In this new novella, a government special agent known only as the Signalman gets off a train on a stunningly hot morning in Winslow, Arizona. Later that day he meets a woman in a diner to exchange information about an event that happened a week earlier for which neither has an explanation, but which haunts the Signalman.

In a ranch house near the shore of the Salton Sea a cult leader gathers up the weak and susceptible ― the Children of the Next Level ― and offers them something to believe in and a chance for transcendence. The future is coming and they will help to usher it in.

A day after the events at the ranch house which disturbed the Signalman so deeply that he and his government sought out help from ‘other’ sources…

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Great Pyramid Gives Up Its Secret: Researchers Discover New Hidden ‘Chamber’…


“Pyramid Town” by “xyk” @deviantart.

The colossal pyramids of Egypt are a universal symbol of genius and creativity. The evidence that humankind can make the impossible possible. The Great Pyramid of Giza—the largest of three primary structures in Giza, Egypt—was first opened up in the Middle Ages by Calif Al-Mamun, whose team found most of the major internal chambers we are familiar with today.

More than 4,500 years after their construction, however, the pyramids of Giza continue to reveal deep and ancient secrets. Recently, a team of over three dozen researchers announced it had discovered a large, hitherto unknown cavernous space it is calling the “void” deep within in the Great Pyramid.

What’s more, the team used “cosmic rays” from deep space to see through the pyramid’s millions of tons of rock to discover the void and estimate its size. The team has so far determined the void is roughly 100 feet long — about the length of two semitrailers — and sits almost directly above the Grand Gallery, a towering passage that leads to Khufu’s tomb.


“- Researchers spent two years studying the Great Pyramid of Giza using muons — high-speed particles created by cosmic rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere.
– Muons can penetrate deep into rock and reveal hidden voids and chambers to particle detectors.
– Using muons, physicists have detected an at least 100-foot-long void above the Grand Gallery leading to Pharaoh Khufu’s tomb.
– No one knows what the void is, but at least one archaeologist thinks it’s not a room or chamber.”

“This void was hidden in the construction of the pyramid,” Mehdi Tayoubi, a leader of the research effort, called ScanPyramids, told reporters on Wednesday. “It is not accessible, and we needed this new technique, at the right time, to identify it and to discover it.”

The research group published its findings Thursday in the journal, Nature.

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Were Two of Louis Le Breton’s Demons the Inspiration for 20th-Century Sightings of “The Owlman”?

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image (2)image (1)Stolas (top), a demon associated with astronomy and poisonous plants. The demon Andras (bottom) had the head of an owl and an angel-like body. Art by Louis Le Breton from his Infernal Dictionary (Public Domain).

Click here to read more about Breton’s Demons…

A tarot deck has also been created using Breton’s artwork.osborne-the-daemon-tarot-sterlingClick here to read about The Demon Tarot…

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When Your “Natal Sun” Is in the “8th House” …


Natal-Sun-in-the-8th-House (1)I was born at 2:48 PM, which puts my Sun in what is called the “8th house”.*

People who were born with their natal Sun in the “8th house” (this is based on exact time of birth in hours and minutes) are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex, and the occult. No matter what their Sun sign is (mine is Aquarius), they become quite Scorpionic in their character, have deep desires and a very strong will. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth.

This Sun placement creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death. Such individuals are very interested in discovering the meanings of life, constantly seeking for answers on whether death is the final destination or whether we continue on towards somewhere else. These interests make them attracted to the occult, and they can…

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