Santa Rosa, 1963: Some Thoughts from Kevin D. Randle


The 1963 Santa Rosa UFO Crash
Since the publication of Crash – When UFOs Fall from the Sky, I have learned more about some of the cases mentioned. One of those, which I only reported in the Epilogue was from Santa Rosa, New Mexico and involved a hospital employee.

Given what I knew about the case, I wasn’t impressed with it. I wrote:

The Santa Rosa story by a medical technician who told of an emergency call that took her and an ambulance driver some 18 miles from town is a case in point.
She told researchers that when they reached the two police cars blocking the road, she and the driver got out of the ambulance to talk to one of the State Troopers. They saw three small bodies on the ground. The nurse thought immediately of children and asked about parents, but was told there weren’t any parents. She did see some wreckage, enough to suggest two cars might have collied, but she couldn’t identify the type of cars.

The little bodies were only 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall and had been burned. They were oozing a brownish fluid. One of the bodies had an arm that was broken or damaged in some way. She could find no vital signs, but they put them into the ambulance to return to town anyway.

At the hospital, she took x-rays of all three. About an hour after they reached the hospital, the Air Force arrived and she said an officer, who she thought was a colonel, ordered everything removed, including the x-rays and any notes she had. She also saw that the Air Force had a flatbed truck with something covered by a tarp. Once the Air Force had everything gathered up, they drove off.

According to Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only, she had never mentioned the crash because she had been warned that the government had “a long arm.” She was never to speak of this. And she didn’t talk about it until she saw pictures of hungry children in Somalia. She thought they looked like the little bodies that had been recovered, meaning the strangely shaped bodies and the overly large appearing heads look something like the starving children.

I suspected that the case was mostly invention because it was single witness and the reactions of the people involved, according to the story, just didn’t ring true to me. And I haven’t even mentioned that the Air Force would have had no authority to confiscate the hospital records, or that I would have thought that those at the hospital would think to hide some evidence. Surely someone would have had the foresight to keep some of the documentation on something so extraordinary.

Then I read an account of the case from Carol Rainey who had been married to Budd Hopkins. She was there, during the 1990s, participating in and documenting his research into alien abduction. It was Budd who stumbled across the Santa Rosa case in 1995 though Rainey’s involvement wouldn’t begin until 1997.

According to Rainey, in her article in Paratopia magazine available online at, Budd investigated the crash case in 1995 with Walt Webb, who had trained under Allen Hynek. They traveled to Santa Rosa to interview the retired X-ray technician, Bina “Beanie” Bean.

Rainey wrote that Bean had told local MUFON representatives that in either the spring or winter of 1963, she had been riding shotgun in an ambulance that sped to a crashed saucer site on a remote desert road and returned with severalnon-human little bodies. She’d X-rayed them, she said, and described them in detail.

That was when the military arrived and cleaned out every scrap of evidence, threatening the hospital staff to keep their mouths shut. Bean drew maps and named names. But, as Walt Webb wrote to Rainey several years later: “We had only one anecdotal story by one alleged eyewitness to a 32-year-old alleged episode!”
Rainey wrote, “In 1997, Budd and I returned to follow-up on the Beanie storywhile in nearby Roswell. I taped Budd’s interview with the eccentric Beanie, noticing that she was starting to embroider a great deal around the edges of her original story of a crash retrieval, including claiming her own abduction experiences and asserting that her older sister was the famously elusive nursewho warned off the mortician at Roswell, shortly after that alleged crash.”

At this point, I would have punched out of the story, simply because, by 1997, I was convinced that there had been no nurse and that Glenn Dennis was being less than candid with us, as I have recently detailed.

I probably wouldn’t have had much more to do with the case when I learned that, but according to Rainey, “Neither she [Beanie] nor Budd had tracked down or spoken to any of the long list of possible witnesses. The only glint of confirmation of this single eyewitness’s story came during our visit to the elderly widow of the ambulance driver. When pressed, she seemed to vaguely recall that the Air Force had indeed once stripped the ambulance clean and taken the billable trip ticket, as Beanie claimed. But the widow had no idea what year or what decade that might have occurred in.”

Rainey wrote that when they returned to New York, she had made a short film from the interviews. She thought that “Beanie was quirky and entertaining and I left the validity of the case up in the air.”

Budd believed the case to have merit and again, according to Rainey, used it in his lectures and seminars. But she was upset that Budd had never attempted to find any of the other alleged witnesses so she began to dig a little deeper into the file.

She wrote, “In it were two
letters to Budd from Walt Webb, written severalmonths after their 1995 expedition… Webb expressed grave doubt about Beanie’s credibility, citing major discrepancies in her stories, told to three separate interviewers.”

Beanie sometimes claimed there were three bodies and other times there were but two. She said that they had been lined up under a sheet near the wrecked ship and told MUFON investigators that the bodies were hanging out of the craft.

In what might be the biggest of the changes, Rainey wrote, “In that same report, Beanie talked of a ‘coroner’s inquest’ at the hospital, bringing in people off the street as witnesses; in her account to Webb and Hopkins, she and a Dr. Galvin were the only people present for examination of the bodies. But it wastoo late for such reservations…”

I wanted to know what Walt Webb had to say about this case, and this case only. In an email to me he said that the material about the Santa Rosa UFO crash as published in Rainey’s article was essentially correct.

So now we all know a little more about this case. I didn’t think it was very solid based on the little I knew about it, but this seems to have cemented those reservations. Yes, witnesses change stories subtly in each telling but the major features don’t change. You don’t move from three bodies to two, and you don’t come up with a coroner’ s inquest using people off the street. That simply is too much.

And I know what you all are thinking. In the Roswell case, there are tales of three bodies, four bodies and sometimes five. But each of those numbers came from a different witness and where one might have only seen three, another might have seen four. If the witness changes the number, then we begin to wonder about all the observations by that witness.

I saw some of the same things in the Willingham – Del Rio crash where he changed the date three times, the type of aircraft a couple of times and was unable to provide any documentation for his alleged Air Force career.

Here is another UFO crash case that I believe we can eliminate from the listings. It is single witness and there is no corroboration for it. This case can join Del Rio on the list of those explained.

– Kevin D. Randle blogspot, 2011


Alien Captured on Film in 1930’s Alaska by Grandfather Who Disclosed It Day Before He Died!


The picture above was taken in the early 1930s by the sender’s grandfather, who lived in Alaska. The entity was first seen when the grandfather was on his way to a lake. He chased the entity until he got close enough to take this one picture. It was some four months before the photograph was developed, being in in a remote, sparsely populated area. The sender received the picture from his grandfather only last week. His grandfather died the day after giving him the photo, and relating his story.

Source: (B.J. Booth, editor)

Letter from ‘witness’ to

Subj: Photograph taken by my grandfather

Date: 8/14/2003

Dear Sir,

The included picture was taken by my grandfather in the early 1930s. I scanned the image immediately after he gave it to me last week. I wish to remain anonymous since I don’t want anything to do with any research or whatever on this.

I know it looks like an alien or a Bigfoot and I know my grandfather was telling me the truth about him taking this picture. That’s why I think it should be in the right hands. You are the only one I’m sending this to, so please respect my privacy and don’t contact me about this.

Thanks in advance,


(Name withheld)

From editor B. J. Booth:

The only additional information is contained on the bottom of the full size image, which tells us the following:

The picture was taken in the early 1930s by the sender’s grandfather, who lived in Alaska. The entitiy was first seen when the grandfather was on his way to a lake. He chased the entity until he got close enough to take this one picture. It was some four months before the photograph was developed, being in in a remote, sparsely populated area. The sender received the picture from his grandfather only last week His grandfather died the day after giving him the photo, and relating his story.


The following alien photos were distributed around the internet after release in 1995 from China. The Chinese translation stated: “Based upon a source from the Japanese UFO Institute, the picture or photograph shows the 1970 alien incident.” The photos of the alien were believed to be taken or the alien body found in Gongzui on Dadu River (southwest of Leshan, China).” OR it’s the prop found in the International UFO Museum Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico.


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New Map Sheds Light on Dark Matter That Binds Universe Together…


‘Dark matter is the most common stuff in the universe. A billion sub-atomic particles of dark matter pass through your outstretched hand every second, yet few if any of these ethereal particles might actually touch and rebound from your hand in your lifetime. Now, studies are beginning to shed some light on this mysterious substance.

Astronomers have known since the 1930s that there is more than just the visible universe. The Milky Way, the galaxy we live in, is spinning too fast to be held together by the gravity between its stars. If stars were all there is, we should have long ago been flung off our cosmic roundabout. Instead, our galaxy contains about six times more material of some kind than is accounted for by every atom of all the elements in the periodic table: material known as dark matter.

Dark matter is invisible and can be detected only though the effect its gravity has on things we can see such as passing rays of light – an effect known as gravitational lensing. This is like looking through an uneven pane of glass which, while transparent, is obvious because of the distortions it produces on objects seen through it. By calculating the extent of the distortion, it’s possible to work out the thickness of the glass.

The recently released Dark Energy Survey used gravitational lensing to generate a huge map of dark matter. As seen from the Blanco telescope in Chile, they saw a crisscrossing web of thick, dark matter filaments.

The recently released Dark Energy Survey used gravitational lensing to generate a huge map of dark matter. As seen from the Blanco telescope in Chile, they saw a crisscrossing web of thick, dark matter filaments.


A map of cosmic dark matter, as seen from the Earth. Colour represents dark matter, increasing towards red. Circles mark galaxies and galaxy clusters.(Source: Dark Energy Survey)

The dark matter web is the invisible scaffolding that underpins the entire visible universe. The scaffold formed very soon after the big bang, and its gravity began to pull in all the ordinary material of which stars, planets and people are then built. Indeed, the galaxies are all found along dark matter filaments, with clusters of up to a thousand galaxies located wherever filaments cross each other.

So now we know where dark matter is. To find out what it is, we need the Hubble Space Telescope to zoom right in to the dark matter map.

Light vs Dark

On Earth we use particle accelerators to find out what matter is made of, firing particles at each other with enormous energy and seeing what the collision produces. This has been the principle behind experiments from Lord Rutherford’s discovery of atoms in 1908, to mankind’s biggest experiment, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. But we can’t capture dark matter, nor interact with it at all. Nature, however, provides the experiment for us: we can watch what happens when the dark matter around galaxies or clusters of galaxies smash into each other by chance.

Galaxies are made from three ingredients: stars, dark matter and swirling clouds of gas. When two galaxies collide – an event involving expanses of time and space and size that makes it hard to comprehend – individual stars almost always pass straight unscathed. They are pinpoints of matter separated by vast regions of empty void. Conversely, the clouds of gas smash into each other and are pulled by friction to a stop. Dark matter is expected to behave somewhere in between, and its trajectory out of a collision should reveal its properties.


Chart: Points representing visible stars and galaxies (left) as seen through effects of gravitational lensing (right). (Source: TallJimbo, CC BY-SA)

Astronomical Particle Colliders

In one well-studied collision known as the Bullet Cluster, dark matter appeared to whizz straight through the collision. As close as we can tell, dark matter kept pace with the stars, not measurably slowed by its ordeal. But interpreting only a single collision is difficult. We must reconstruct the 3D scene from just one viewpoint and one freeze-frame from a movie that lasts 100m years.

To crowd-source the full movie, we recently observed 72 high-speed collisions of the dark matter around galaxy clusters. We view some from the side, others head-on and each at a different stage in the crash. Reconstructing the statistical properties of a dark matter collision, we confirmed robustly that dark matter interacts very, very little with anything else.


The Cerro Tololo observatory, home of the Victor Blanco telescope used. (Source:David Walker, CC BY-SA)

The Dark Matter Drag Factor…

Click here to read the remainder of this article at The…