Space, Space, Space–A Vintage Anthology of Science Fiction Stories, TOC


Table of Contents

9 • Introduction (Space, Space, Space) • (1953) • essay by William Sloane
15 • No Moon for Me • (1952) • short story by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
42 • Trip One • (1949) • short story by Edward Grendon
56 • Tools of the Trade • (1950) • novelette by Raymond F. Jones
93 • Hide and Seek • (1949) • short story by Arthur C. Clarke
111 • Master Race • (1951) • short story by Richard Ashby
128 • Dear Devil • (1950) • novelette by Eric Frank Russell
184 • Courtesy • (1951) • short story by Clifford D. Simak
217 • Nightmare Brother • (1953) • novelette by Alan E. Nourse
255 • Second Chance • (1952) • short story by Walter Kubilius and Fletcher Pratt
277 • Like Gods They Came • (1953) • short story by Irving E. Cox, Jr.

The Toynbee Convector, a Collection of SciFi Stories by Ray Bradbury, 1988,TOC


Table of Contents

1 • The Toynbee Convector • (1984) • short story by Ray Bradbury
12 • Trapdoor • (1985) • short story by Ray Bradbury
23 • On the Orient, North • [The Elliott Family] • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
36 • One Night in Your Life • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
45 • West of October • [The Elliott Family] • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
59 • The Last Circus • (1980) • short story by Ray Bradbury
66 • The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair • (1987) • short story by Ray Bradbury
74 • I Suppose You Are Wondering Why We Are Here? • (1984) • short story by Ray Bradbury (variant of I Suppose You Are Wondering Why We Are Here)
86 • Lafayette, Farewell • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
96 • Banshee • [The Irish Stories] • (1984) • short story by Ray Bradbury
109 • Promises, Promises • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
119 • The Love Affair • (1982) • short story by Ray Bradbury
129 • One for His Lordship, and One for the Road! • [The Irish Stories] • (1985) • short story by Ray Bradbury
139 • At Midnight, in the Month of June • [Green Town] • (1954) • short story by Ray Bradbury
150 • Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned • (1984) • short story by Ray Bradbury
156 • By the Numbers! • (1984) • short story by Ray Bradbury (variant of By the Numbers)
165 • A Touch of Petulance • (1980) • short story by Ray Bradbury
176 • Long Division • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
181 • Come, and Bring Constance! • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
190 • Junior • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
198 • The Tombstone • (1945) • short story by Ray Bradbury
205 • The Thing at the Top of the Stairs • (1988) • short story by Ray Bradbury
211 • Colonel Stonesteel’s Genuine Home-Made Truly Egyptian Mummy • (1981) • short story by Ray Bradbury

Have You Heard Bigfoot Yet? Listen to These Recordings of Sasquatch Making Odd Human-Animal Noises … Keep the Lights On…

“We decided to record the sounds on CD and cassette [and digitally] to make them available to people. We do believe these creatures are trying to communicate with us, though. As we speak we are having the linguistics people look into it; they are very encouraged. What they’re saying so far is that humans cannot mimic these sounds, that the range supersedes what humans can do. The tapes were shown by a previous study at the University of Wyoming to be spontaneous and no signs of being re-recorded, or pre-recorded at altered speeds; so the idea of a hoax is highly improbable as far as professionals are considered at this time.”

— Ron Morehead, Bigfoot, a Netflix Documentary (1997)

Here Ron Morehead’s original Bigfoot vocalizations—the most bizarre thing ever recorded:

Here’s how Morehead captured the sounds on tape:

The Recordings of the “Bigfoot Language” Are Actually Pretty Frightening

Is that an ape? Wait; that sounds almost human! Indeed. And both are what you hear in the hoots and growls and whines and snarls of what Ron Morehead calls “Bigfoot Language—a series of tape recorded noises Morehead recorded while living in a remote area of Northern California’s Sierra mountains during the early 1970s. But, are they real? I have put together this post so you can check out the facts and decide for yourself.

“The sounds, vocalizations, that include whistling, have been professionally analyzed and it is the belief of the scientists who did the analysis that they are not man-made. Regardless of the findings, which incidentally have never been disproved. I am satisfied and will personally vouch for the integrity of both my associates, Alan Berry and Ron Morehead, in the matter of these recordings. Indeed I look forward to working with them again, in the Bigfoot field, in the future.”

— Peter Byrne, Director, The Bigfoot Research Project


To this day, there is still a debate over the authenticity of the tape recordings; however, many audio and human and animal linguistics specialists admit to the recordings’ uncannily realistic nature.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Why I Blog

I see a lot of posts about bucket lists and goals…I’ve always been an odd one out in these areas. You can imagine the challenges for me in the workplace and in raising a family…hell, Life for that matter.

I don’t really have a bucket list. I never have. I don’t want one. It makes me too anxious. Planning and goals are negatives for me. They make me feel trapped. I don’t know if there is a phobia named for this weird thinking/fear. Maybe a stray vein of claustrophobia…or agoraphobia.

I am the opposite of competitive. Games don’t matter to me. Neither do power plays or politics or bureaucracies. Rules, fences, boundaries…not really considered the right way to go to my temperament…which is fueled by fringes/margins/rebellions.

I do have daily things I like to get done, though. Reading projects. (Reading is not entertainment for me.) A feeling of productivity is good, and creativity, but only in small doses for me.

Having a big mountain to climb is not my thing. I don’t care about summits. I like journeys. Impromptu things found “along the way”. I use my blogs to write at least 1000 words a day on any number of topics. Sometimes it’s fiction; other times poetry; and sometimes it’s just essay work or miscellany. This keeps me sane.

The blogs are my “daily journals” my “morning pages” (ref. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way).

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