Owls, UFO Abductees, Synchronicities, and High Strangeness


Owl on a rooftop at dusk, Castle Rock, Colorado, December 4, 2019. Photo by Sanguine Woods.

‘It was great to see the video of Mike Clelland’s first talk at the National UFO Congress this year. Not only did Mike make it look like he’d been doing public speaking for years, he also managed to pull off some difficult material (owls, synchronicity and the UFO subject) and, considering the task at hand, made it relatively accessible. I was also delighted to see that someone I had put his way had formed one of the main stories he included as other peoples esoteric owl experiences – and in doing so alluded to something that really resonated with me.

As some of us research strange phenomena, the phenomena we study also sometimes begin to unfold, interact and reveal themselves further in our personal experiences – sometimes as we think and write.

This got me thinking of a few experiences of my own.

Midway through his lecture, Mike had the idea to bring a 4 foot tall, cardboard owl on stage so that the people in the audience could compare this to the size of a more conventional specimen. This bought a brief chill down my spine as I recalled the one occasion when I had the (mis)fortune to experience this giant, improbable, winged beast for myself. And well within keeping to the bizarre nature of such events, it would also turn out that only a few hours after viewing Mike’s lecture online, a synchronicity presented itself that would relate to the fateful day of the owlzilla.

Sometime in mid summer 2012, I was making the journey in the cab of a locomotive in Washington State – as I often did in my role as conductor on the railroad – with a locomotive engineer by the name of Don White. Don is ex-military and the most down to earth, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact guy one could possibly meet.

Sometime around three or four in the afternoon, we rounded a bend in the bright sunlight and there on the adjacent track and staring directly at us stood a giant owl. “What the hell is that?” I asked – already half knowing what it was. “It looks like an owl”, Don said. We passed this thing perched on the rail of the next track, only eight feet from the roar of our locomotives, yet the thing didn’t so much as flinch, fly off or act with any fear towards our train. The one thing that we couldn’t get past was the sheer size of this thing. I recall Don also came out with the classic line: “Is that something to do with your UFO shit?”

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Reporter, Kilgallen’s Death Linked to UFOs, Marilyn Monroe & JFK’s Assassination


Did Dorothy Kilgallen know too much?

Another fascinating story about TV’s What’s My Line star and controversial news reporter Dorothy Kilgallen (above, center) was her relationship with Marilyn Monroe and Kilgallen’s interest in the UFO coverups of the 1950s with which we are so familiar today.


How are they related? The link is JFK.

At one-point Kilgallen reported on Monroe regularly…In 1953 that changed. Monroe was known to stop confiding in reporters if they did not report on her the way she wanted. It could have been also she turned to Louella Parsons. Parsons also could make or break a career, and she was in Hollywood.


An interesting 2018 documentary on Netflix, Unacknowledged, narrated by Dr. Steven Greer, who headed the 2001 Disclosure Project, names some names. Dorothy Kilgallen is one of the names Greer mentios. Dorothy already had an interest in UFO’s that went back to the 1950’s. Here is a column she wrote about a 1955 UFO sighting in Great Britain that caused some stir:


Those “Little Men” On Flying Saucers? Real, Says Kilgallen

Remember the creepy stories about flying saucers and little men from outer space? Dorothy Kilgallen has run into a new one in London. Here is her dispatch to the New York Journal-American on what a British official thinks about those “little fellows.”

By Dorothy Kilgallen
Distributed by International News Service)

London, May 22 – British scientists and airmen, after examining the wreckage of a mysterious “flying ship,” are convinced that these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions, but actually are flying saucers which originate on another planet.

The source of my information is a British official of cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified.

“We believe, on the basis of our inquiries thus far, that the ‘saucers’ were staffed by small men – probably under four feet tall,” my informant told me today.

“It’s frightening but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet.”

This official quoted scientists as saying a flying ship of this type could not have been constructed on earth.


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What is MK-ULTRA? Welcome to Stranger Things…

The Sanguine Woods

60FD3D86-CD12-4B79-92D0-8A26A7DC2531Here’s the rundown on the infamous CIA Mind Control program that you need to know about.

I just started watching the Netflix series Stranger Things. I don’t know why I’m coming so late to this party. It’s a stellar show with an amazing cast and writing that’s way cool.

By episode three, though, you gotta have noticed MK-Uktra. I don’t know about you but I sure am tired of learning about new ways our government—and its cronies—have been hiding things from us—decades and decades and decades of secret after secret after secret—many of which are designed specifically to hurt Americans individually and as a people. And we call ourselves a “free” nation.



Certain people will automatically call you a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ when they hear words like ‘Deep State’ or ‘Secret CIA Operation’. This is by design and it plays right into why it’s important for you to educate…

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